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The Project

Digitalisation is increasingly connecting the real and virtual world, questioning business models that have proven themselves over decades, changing processes at all stages of the value chain and the interdependencies between companies. This technological change towards work 4.0 is leading to a rapidly increasing requirement for qualified personnel with “new skills”. VET-systems in the EU must quickly determine solutions to drive forward the reorientation of vocational education and training towards education 4.0.

The aim of Good Practice on the Move is to show perspectives for the successful integration of digitalisation and innovative technologies in vocational education and training using the automotive sector as an example.
We use approaches that have been developed throughout the EU in recent years within the framework of Erasmus+, but also in national programmes: Concepts for adapting curricula, learning content, materials and media, but also for redesigning occupations and reducing the strict separation of vocational and higher education.

Some of these approaches with relevance for the automotive sector are now being pooled. Actors from seven EU countries – vocational training institutions, universities and associations – present their good practices, check them for sustainability and usability for transfer and institutional anchoring in the various countries as well as disseminate them throughout the EU.

Good Practice on the Move is a contribution to strengthening the quality and attractiveness of vocational training. The long-term benefits are economic, social and cooperative: increased competitiveness of the automotive sector, attractive employment opportunities for young skilled workers, more service quality for consumers, broad application of digital solutions to increase functionality and utility value, but also increased environmental protection.