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Partners in the project Good Practice on the Move are vocational schools, universities and associations from seven EU countries – Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria and Poland. All partners have several years of experience and expertise in the automotive sector. They bring a wide range of solutions to the discussion and ensure an EU-wide transfer through their networks.


BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH
(BGZ Berlin International Cooperation Agency GmbH)
Pohlstraße 67
10785 Berlin

Contact Person:
Grazyna Wittgen
E-Mail: wittgen@bgz-berlin.de
Tel.: +49 30 80994114

Partner in Berlin

Innung des Kraftfahrzeuggewerbes Berlin
(Guild of the Motor Vehicle Trade Berlin)
Obentrautstr. 16-18
10963 Berlin

Contact Person:
Sebastian Niewiara
E-Mail: S.Niewiara@kfz-innung-berlin.de
Tel.: +49 30 25905-233

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin
(HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences)
Treskowallee 8
10318 Berlin

Contact Person:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Lindemann
E-Mail: Michael.Lindemann@HTW-Berlin.de
Tel.: +49 30 5019-4221

Partner in France

Association Nationale pour la Formation Automobile
41-49, rue de la Garenne
92315 Sèvres Cedex

Contact person:
Andreas Gabriel
E-mail: gabriela@anfa-auto.fr
Phone: +33 141 14 16 16 63

Partner in Italy

Pia Società San Gaetano
(Vocational training centre Insituto San Gaetano)
Via Mora, 57
36100 Vicenza

Contact Person:
Mauro Marzegan
Phone: +39 0444933132
E-Mail: marzegan@gmail.com

Partner in Croatia

Škola za cestovni promet Zagreb
Trg J.F. Kennedyja 8
10000 Zagreb

Contact person:
Lovorka Vidić
Tel: +385 91 2593 585
E-Mail: lovorka.vidic@scp.hr

Partner in Lithuania

Vilnius Car mechanics and Business school
Geležinio vilko 16
Vilnius, 03163

Contact person:
Edita Rumbutė
Tel: +37 068240237
E-Mail: projektai.vavm@gamail.com

Partner in Austria

Siegfried Marcus Berufsschule – Berufsschule für Kraftfahrzeugtechnik
Scheydgasse 40
1210 Wien-Floridsdorf

Contact person:
Alfred Czaker
Tel: +43 – 676 – 33 898 38
E-Mail: alfred@czaker.org

Partner in Poland

Zespoł Szkoł Samochodowych im. inż. Tadeusza Tańskiego
(ZSS vocational training centre in Poznan)
Zamenhofa 142
61-139 Poznań

Contact Person:
Marek Gabryelewicz
Tel: +48 61 879 12 41
E-Mail: marek.gabryelewicz@samochodowka.edu.pl

Politechnika Poznańska
Pl. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 5
60-965 Poznań

Contact Person:
Dr. Eng. Jerzy Kupiec
Phone: +48 61-665-2709
E-Mail: jerzy.kupiec@put.poznan.pl