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Good Practice on the Move focuses on international exchange. Partners from seven EU countries – vocational training institutions, universities and associations – present their good practices, check them for sustainability and usability for transfer and institutional anchoring in the various countries and make them accessible to a larger group of users throughout the EU.

The partners

develop concepts for the use of good practice

In thematic working groups we present our approaches, discuss them and work together on models for transfer and anchoring, taking into account the framework conditions in the various countries. The work in the transnational working groups is combined with communication and exchange with other stakeholders in the countries.

work with relevant stakeholders - locally, regionally, nationally and EU-wide

We exchange information in our networks and get in dialogue with companies, chambers and guilds, professional associations, social partners, vocational schools, universities and science/research as well as authorities and regulatory bodies. Communication with decision-makers ensures that the projects for institutional anchoring receive the necessary support.

develop strategies for the further capacity building of their organisations

The results of the discussions with the project partners and other stakeholders are incorporated into the planning for the further capacity building of the respective organisation. Each partner defines a series of concrete steps for its institution – based on the local conditions.

promote dissemination and transfer of solutions in the participating countries and throughout the EU

Good practice is made available throughout the EU. The lessons learned from the exchange can be used by other VET institutions as well as other stakeholders – as a blueprint for dealing with digital innovations and new technologies in initial and continuing vocational education and training. Active dissemination (via own publications or work with the media, but also via conferences or fairs) make the project more widely known.