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Good Practice on the Move – Pooling learning tools for innovative technologies successfully in the EU

The digitalisation of the working world is changing the operational work processes and thus the demands on skilled workers. Also, in the automotive sector the introduction of new technologies, systems and processes requires new skills that go far beyond the traditional requirements. Vocational training must respond to this.

EU-wide, Erasmus+ and national programmes have already developed good solutions. Good Practice on The Move examines their aptitude for the future and their usability for transfer and institutional anchoring as well as makes them accessible to stakeholders throughout the EU.

Implemented in: Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria, Poland
Duration: 2018-2021
Partners in Berlin:
KFZ-Innung, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin
Transnational Partners:
BSKFT Vienna (AT), ANFA Paris (FR), SCP Zagreb (HR), PSSG Vicenza (IT), VAVM Vilnius (LT), ZSS Poznan and PUT Poznan (PL)

The automotive services sector is confronted with significant technological changes across the EU, such as the digitalisation of services. The project “Good Practice on the Move” serves as a forum to exchange innovate approaches on how Vocational Education and Training can face this challenge.

photo ag iiiAndreas Gabriel, ANFA (Association Nationale pour la Formation Automobile),
Head of the Unit for European Mobility and Qualifications